"Facilitating self, 360º, and coach assessments for every level of the organization"

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Easy Invitation

Assessments made easy! No registration required. Simply share the generated unique assessment link with participants and let the self-assessing begin.

Self-Assessment Poker

The value is in the conversation! Lean Agile Intelligence Self-Assessment Poker facilitation capability creates an engaging and fun experience for assessment participants to rate practices and behaviors. Think Planning Poker! After unanimously submitting their stage vote on a question, team members are provided with real-time cumulative voting results. The collaborative conversations that immediately follow enable teams to create a shared understanding of the current state and improvement opportunities.

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Single User Submission

Sure, conducting an assessment in real-time as a team sounds like fun, but it may not be feasible or a good fit for your context. Lean Agile Intelligence also allows participants to take assessments separately and presents cumulative results when the moderator is satisfied with the number of responses. This facilitation capability is ideal for geographically-dispersed teams and coach assessments.

Self-Assessment Facilitation & Coaching Guide

In true Agile fashion, the Lean Agile Intelligence Self-Assessment Facilitation and Coaching Guide was a collaborative effort between users of the platform and its creators. It not only contains a structured approach to facilitating an assessment, but also includes coaching and platform functionality tips!

  • A structured approach to facilitating a self-assessment that includes coaching tips from the founder of Lean Agile Intelligence.
  • Free! No account required. Our gift to the Agile Community!

Assessment History

A comprehension view of all attributes of an assessment, including participant completion, moderator details, and template.

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